Velveteen - The Textured Tales of Pichwai

Introducing Label Pratham’s winter collection Velveteen- “The textured Tales of Pichwai”, which is a perfect symphony of velvet and rustic charm of tussar, providing sophisticated and comfortable silhouettes. Our Velveteen collection regards the modest blend of retro outfits, elegance, a versatile palette of vibrant colors, and the charm of Pichwai art. Pichwai art, which hails from Rajasthan is an alluring composition of culture and art. The vibrant and majestic colors bring the authenticity of earth, nature, and components of Lord’s life. Keeping this fascinating art alive, our artisans at Label Pratham bring amazingly crafted clothing which is a blend of tussar & velvet fabrics.

Label Pratham is a pioneer in bringing Pichwai art into wearable form, keeping awake the dreams of thousands to wear artistic clothing. The ever-evolving brand is continuously reviving the art in an aesthetic manner and making artistic clothing available in the forms of Pichwai saree, Pichwai design blouses, Designer coord sets, tops and jackets, pants, and more. Label Pratham epitomizes elegance as well as tradition.

Symphony of Velvet and Pichwai Art - The Velveteen collection at Label Pratham is a testament to the harmonious relationship between velvet, tussar, organza, gota and of course Pichwai art. Velveteen is known for its plush texture and softness, plus the canvas that depicts heritage. Each piece is beautifully crafted with vibrant colors, symbols, and motifs that depict delightful cultural aspects. Talking about our range of velveteen clothing, with its rich texture and luxurious essence, it makes the whole design more fascinating. You can feel the embodiment of the modern world and tradition through the majestic creations of the Label Pratham. Now, let’s talk about some of the mesmerizing creations that are going to leave you awestruck.

Hand Embroidered Coord Set - Label Pratham’s designer coord set is the epitome of modernity as well as elegance. Concisely hand crafted with Pichwai art motifs, the Coord set beautifully keeps a balance between the soft texture of velvet and tussar. We can call it an honored relationship among classic, modern, and experimental. You surely cannot miss the vast range of hand embroidered designer coord sets by Label Pratham.

Pichwai Saree and Blouse - Label Pratham brings traditional Indian attire with a modern touch of contemporary twist. Our beautiful Pichwai saree and Tussar silk saree are delicately handcrafted and highly speak of grace. Complementing the sarees, our Pichwai design blouses add an extra charm. For all divas, it is a celebration of heritage that amazingly fits into the modern wardrobe.

Tops and Jackets - Every jacket by Label Pratham is a wearable Masterpiece. Our velvet jackets, optimally designed with peacock motifs from Pichwai art represent a cultural narrative. Emphasizing fashion here, these jackets add elegance to any outfit you wear. You can call it a layer of art and sophistication, whether you're wearing casual or formal clothing.

Hand Embroidered Pichwai Pants - Label Pratham’s hand embroidered Pichwai floral pants for ladies offer a contemporary look along with a bold statement. Whether you are pairing these tussar & velvet pants with a coordinating kurta or even a simple blouse, these are timeless sophistication.

Explore the Artistry of Our Velveteen Collection
Label Pratham's Velveteen collection- The Textured Tales of Pichwai, is an ode to heritage and elegance. The harmonious blend of velvet & tussar fabrics along with Pichwai art creates sophisticated silhouettes that bridge the gap between classic and modern styles. As pioneers in bringing Pichwai art into wearable form, we invite you to explore our Pichwai art sarees, handcrafted designer coord set, beautiful tops, jackets, and embroidered floral pants for ladies. Don't miss the chance to make a conventional yet bold statement with our Velveteen collection this season.